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Hannibal star replaced Drag Race icon in scenes from new horror series

“It felt like that comedy wasn’t perhaps right.”

Hannibal star Hugh Dancy has replaced RuPaul’s Drag Race icon Alaska Thunderf**k in scenes from Shudder’s new horror series Queer for Fear: The History of Queer Horror.

Talking exclusively to Digital Spy about his new docu-series which explores the queer history of horror, series director Bryan Fuller explained why he replaced Alaska with Dancy for some scenes.

In the series Alaska reads Frankenstein author Mary Shelley’s letters but Fuller also asked her to read letters from Dracula author Bram Stoker to Walt Whitman.

According to the TV creator, Alaska’s comic performance wasn’t quite right for the Bram Stoker letters so he asked Dancy to step in to perform the more earnest role.

queer for fear poster

“As we were looking at the compare and contrast between the letters from Mary Shelley and the letters from Bram Stoker, the letters from Mary Shelley felt like they had the potential to lean into the comedy a bit, because of her perspective and her attitude,” Fuller said.

“Whereas the letters from Bram Stoker to Walt Whitman were much more earnest. And so it felt like that comedy wasn’t perhaps right. So we reached out to Hugh Dancy to see if he would mind putting some emotion and heart into Bram Stoker’s experience to kind of contextualise that.

“Because Bram Stoker’s story is also really interesting and complicated and multifaceted in terms of his journey of self-acceptance or ultimately self-rejection.”

hugh dancy, a man stands looking at the camera, brown hair in loose waves around head, black tshirt and jacket

Though Alaska’s Bram Stoker role was cut, Fuller praised her performance as Mary Shelley.

“To have Alaska reading Mary Shelley’s letters with an attitude that kind of reflected a bit of Mary Shelley in terms of her… She was truly one of a kind in that era, and incredibly progressive, and seemed to have a dry wit. So it seemed tonally consistent with Alaska’s brand as well.”

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